Gifts from Gwyn, proudly gives annual tuition scholarships to Holy Family Regional and Conwell-Egan Catholic students for CEC tuition, in honor of Gwyn. The topic is friendship or random acts of kindness and submissions are presented in the form of a: song, video, artwork or poem.

2016 recipents were as follows:
Conwell-Egan Catholic:
1st place Molly Corrigan ($1,000 tuition scholarship)
2nd place Christina Clawges ($500 tuition scholarship)

Holy Family Regional Catholic School
1st place Gia Dalessio ($1,000 tuition scholarship)
2nd place Angelina Gallagher($500 tuition scholarship)

2017 recipents were as follows:
Conwell Egan Catholic:
1st place - Senior Delaina George ($1,000 tuition scholarship)
2nd place - Senior Tara Dougherty - ($500 tuition scholarship)
3rd place - Junior Bridget Faherty - ($500 tuition scholarship
Honorable Mention - Freshman Alyssa Fagans - $100 gift card
Honorable Mention - Senior Erin Musick - $100 gift card

Holy Family Regional Catholic School:
1st place - Sophia Soto ($1,000 tuition scholarship)
Honorable Mention – Gia Brennan- $50 gift card
Honorable Mention - Maggie Tomaselli - $50 gift card
Honorable Mention – Valentina Rodriguez - $50 gift card

2018 recipents are as follows:
Conwell Egan Catholic:
1st place - Ally Wojton $1000 tuition scholarship
Olivia Gentile - $250.tuition scholarship
John Hanczaryk - $250.tuition scholarship
Annie Corrigan - $250.tuition scholarship

Holy Family Regional Catholic School:
1st place - Angelina Lyons $1000.tuition scholarship
Runner-up : Giovanni Patitucci - $250. tuition scholarship

2019 Winners:
Conwell Egan Catholic:
1st place - Sophia Soto for her video - $1,000 tuition scholarship
2nd place - Angelina Lyons for drawing / poem - $500 tuition scholarship
Honorable mention - Emilia Kulak - $50 gift card

Holy Family
1st place - Kathleen Kelly for her drawing / poem - $1,000 CEC tuition scholarship

Honorable mention:
Aaliyah Cruz - $50. Gift card
Rebecca Kadlec - $50. Gift card
Jordan Moore - $50. Gift card